Totem Flash

At Display Flash®, we are proud to present 8 different shapes that we have developed since the FLASH SYSTEM creation. This gives our clients an infinite possibility to combine sizes and shapes, from the well-known elliptical displays to special shapes, like the recently developed Diamond, Tube and Cubic3.

TOTEM FLASH represents the common needs of our clients since the beginning of our activities. Of course, if a unique project demands special sizes, our print specialists are able to develop custom display sizes for your custom needs.


Promo Flash

Promo Flash family assembles the displays that can be efficiently used during a promotion. Several tools can be used:

Stand Flash: hostess tables for sampling promotions

Window Flash: several shapes columns with windows to promote your product

Xmas Flash: the best way to show it’s Christmas! An unavoidable tool for end of the year promotions

Security Flash: the only automatic display system capable of covering security gates



Expo Flash

Expo Flash range constitutes the solution you need to expose your products in different stores, were they be offered in bulk or shown on different shelves.



Combi Flash

Wall Flash: ideal for any promotion at the POS. Easy to assemble, gives the possibility to show the promotional message on a huge surface calling your clients attention.

Do you need to announce an important product launch or a promotional activity that you don’t want your customers to miss? Depending on the function you need these display tools are here for you, 3 standard solutions:

Portal Flash, is a great tool to use at the entrance of department stores

Kiosk Flash, can work as a limited area for hostess promotional activities

Island Flash, composed by island in the point of purchase where your product can gain the surface it needs for communication



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